2023 Maternal Power Production Sale

2023 Maternal Power Production Sale

The Parke Ranch Maternal Power Production Sale will open for bidding on Tuesday December 5th at 12:00pm MST. Bids must be placed by contacting Eaf or Joseph via text, email, phone call or in person. Bidding will be open until December 13th at 2:00pm MST. All current bids will be updated on the sheet below. Please reach out with any questions that you may have about the sale procedure or the cattle. As always we appreciate your interest in our program and we look forward to visiting with you.

Thank you.

Eaf’s Cell (406-240-4167) Joseph’s Cell (406-396-0369)

Bid Sheet

Lot #Bull ID #PriceLeading BidderCurrent BidTime of Bid
10127L$4,200Norman Lorang$5,00012/11 8:30 pm
2039L$3,800Norman Lorang$4,00012/12 8:45 pm
3848L$4,200JBS Ranch$8,00012/13 Bid Off
4963L$3,400Norman Lorang$3,40012/5 6:10 pm
5149L$4,200Steven Schwend$5,70012/12 8:10 pm
7185L$3,800Baxter Beef$3,8003/27
82115L$3,800Steven Schwend$5,30012/12 8:10 pm
9471L$4,200Mountain Sky Ranch$4,20012/13
100171L$3,800Tony Garner$4,60012/13 Bid Off
111919L$3,800Jeff Beeson$3,80012/5 8:15 pm
122155L$4,200Deichmann Cattle Co.$6,80012/13 8:00 am
13879L$4,200Mountain Sky Ranch$4,20012/13
14885L$4,200Revais Creek Ranch$4,20012/12 3:00 pm
150134L$3,400Reece & Katelyn Middlemist$3,40012/13 9:10 am
16058L$4,200Roy Lutts$7,10012/13 Bid Off
17184L$4,200Ted & Julie Beck$4,60012/11 6:15 am
18280L$4,200Silver Spur Salers$6,50012/12 5:45 pm
20955L$3,800John Price$4,00012/11 7:00 pm
210164L$3,800Harmon Ranch$4,10012/13 Bid Off
22154L$4,200Steven Schwend$5,10012/12 12:50 pm
23177L$3,800Lee & Katie Hebel$4,50012/13 10:35 am
24737L$3,800Norman Lorang$3,80012/5 6:10 pm
25779L$4,200Josh Hoffman$4,40012/13 1:50 pm
26835L$3,800Kerry Doney$4,00012/13 11:50 am
270109L$3,800Emil Herbst$3,80012/13 6:00 am
28052L$3,800Revais Creek Ranch$3,80012/12 9:15 pm
29776L$4,200Roy Lutts$7,00012/13 Bid Off
320139L$3,400Rusty Cornwall$3,4003/15
33162L$4,200Roy Lutts$4,40012/12 1:45 pm
34189L$4,200Rusty Cornwall$5,60012/12 6:00 pm
35195L$3,800Paul & Laura Foster$3,80012/11 8:45 am
37159L$3,400Rock Buchanan$3,40012/13 12:00 pm
411916L$3,800Kerry Doney$3,8003/12
42196L$4,200Bruce Thurgood$6,20012/13 10:30 am
43528L$4,200Dave Hauptman$4,50012/12 9:50 am
44671L$4,200Nick Belcourt$4,70012/13 1:56 pm
450122L$3,800Daryl Doney$3,80012/8 6:10 pm
46452L$4,200Rock Creek Land & Cattle$5,20012/13 7:30 am
47667L$4,200Rock Creek Land & Cattle$4,20012/5 12:00 pm
48728L$3,800Jeff Beeson$3,80012/14
500194L$3,800Paul & Laura Foster$3,90012/11 8:45 am
510196L$3,400Rock Buchanan$3,40012/13 9:45 am
532195L$3,800Keith Meckling$3,80012/13 10:05 am
55627L$4,200Tracy Lake Land & Livestock$4,20012/5 6:20 pm
56883L$4,200Morgan Batty$4,20012/9 8:20 pm
57031L$4,200Mountain Sky Ranch$5,00012/13 11:35 am
581517L$4,200CX Ranch$4,20012/12 8:30 am
59481L$3,400Tony Garner$4,60012/13 Bid Off
60693L$4,200Brian McNaney$4,90012/11 5:20 pm
63561L$3,800Paul & Laura Foster$3,8003/12
64729L$3,800Dave Hauptman$3,80012/5 12:00 pm
65951L$4,200Ted & Julie Beck$4,20012/10 4:30 pm
662198L$4,200Intermountain Bison$5,10012/13 7:25 am
672176L$4,200Kerry Doney$4,20012/11 7:30 pm
682188L$4,200Tracy Lake Land & Livestock$7,40012/13 Bid Off
692178L$3,800Dave Hauptman$3,80012/5 12:00 pm
70900L$4,200Brian McNaney$5,20012/11 5:20 pm
71409L$4,200Baxter Beef$4,20012/14
72034L$4,200Norman Lorang$5,50012/11 8:30 pm
73708L$3,800Tony Garner$3,80012/13 8:50 am
74108L$4,200Roy Lutts$5,40012/13 Bid Off
75026L$3,800Tony Garner$3,80012/13 8:50 am
80375L$2,500Justin Doubet$2,50012/13 11:40 am
813128L$2,500Luke Lowe$3,30012/13 Bid Off
823146L$2,500Middlemist Cattle$2,50012/10 7:45 pm
833149L$2,500Rob Bodine$2,50012/13 9:15 am
843184L$2,500Lexi Nelson$2,50012/10 3:00 pm
853172L$2,500Rob Bodine$2,50012/13 9:15 am
GroupNumberPriceLeading BidderCurrent BidTime of Bid
A5$2,500Steve Marcure$2,50012/14
B6$2,500Louis Brown$2,60012/5 12:05 pm
C6$2,500Steve Marcure$2,50012/14
D5$2,500Wight Ranch$2,50012/9 11:30 am
E4$2,500Louis Brown$2,60012/5 12:20 pm
F5$2,500Ted & Julie Beck$2,50012/10 4:30 pm
G4$2,500Veseth & Veseth Livestock$2,50012/5 12:00 pm
H4$2,450Ted & Julie Beck$2,45012/10 4:30 pm
I4$2,450Ted & Julie Beck$2,45012/10 4:30 pm
J6$2,400Wayne Bendixen$2,40012/9 4:45 pm
K5$2,400DLB$2,75012/13 10:16 am
L4$2,400DLB$2,75012/13 10:16 am
M4$2,400DLB$2,75012/13 10:16 am

2023 Parke Ranch Maternal Power Production Sale – Bull Video

2023 Parke Ranch Maternal Power Production Sale – Female Video

This is an updated video and has fixed the problem with the Bred Female Lots.
A quick video of the 2023 sale offering of Bred Heifers.